BodePanjom is a private owned and operated business based in the capital of Iran, Tehran. BodePanjom was founded and registered in Companies Registration Organization of Iran in 2004. Bodepanjom Design Group has provided Iranian and International businesses with a broad range of creative services, by educated members with years of design experience. The satisfaction of our consumers along with low prices has always been our ultimate goal. Our team takes personal approaches with individual clients. We will listen to and consult you in order to make your path to a successful business as easy as possible. Through these years, we have helped national and international clients grow their businesses and reach their targets conveniently.

The name story

The company's complete name reads BodePanjom-e-Tarh (بعد پنجمِ طرح) which means the fifth dimension of design. The idea of five-dimensional space in physics has been around for 100 years theorizing a potential unification of four fundamental forces of nature. In this theory, the fifth dimension is the highest dimension that could exist but not comprehensible by our senses. The fifth dimension of design is also coined to underline the importance of thinking out of a normally conceivable elements of design and take it to a higher, otherwise-hidden dimension.

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